My collection of Canon SLR / TTL Cameras (R ~ FL ~ FD mounts)
1959 - 1990


The idea to create this site came from the fact that I had started a collection of Canon FD mounts cameras. This explains why, on this page, you will only find illustrations related to the Canon FD and FL or sites related to these models.

The collection was extended to FL and R mounts. Progressively, I acquired some Canon Rangefinder. Then some strange mounts, as well as some EOS cameras with EF mounts, joined the collection.

But I remained faithful to Canon.

It is then that I thought that having a few Nikon would look good in the picture. Then progressively, by chance meetings on the Net, I made some other acquisitions.

As a result, the name of the site and its title do not correspond exactly to the content. But well...




Définitions :

SLR : Single Lens Reflex (by oppostion to TLR bodies standing for Twin Lens Reflex such as RolleiFlex and Semflex).

TTL : Through The Lens measurement.

SC : Spectra Coating.

SSC : Super Spectra Coating.

EOS : Electro-Optical System.

Canon Date Codes (courtesy of Bob Atkins).

Principle of the Single Lens Reflex.
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Eye Level Finder FN and PE focusing screen
(for New F-1) .
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My collection : I've 82 camera bodies at the moment. 62 are Canon cameras and 20 are not.

  • : the ones, I have (I've mentioned the serial number when available),
  • : the ones, I have bought and I am waiting for,
  • : the ones, I dream to have.
  • : the ones, I don't want to sell.

Before the R ~ FL ~ FD mounts
Fixed lens, or threaded or bayonet mount
None SLR

1959 - 1963 bodies
The R mount

1964 - 1969 bodies
The FL mount succeed the R mount.

  • FX : chrome body (#327126)
  • FP : chrome body (#117062)
  • PELLIX : chrome body (#134048)
  • FT QL : both chrome (#671577) and black (#829171)
  • PELLIX QL : both chrome (#147354) and black (#111852)
  • TL QL (#109642)

1970 - 1975 bodies
The FD mount and the great F-1.

1976 - 1984 bodies
Autoexposure and the reigns of the AE-1 & A-1 series.

1984 - 1990 bodies
The "T" serie

  • T50 (#2451932)
  • T70 (#1465624 and #1638761)
  • T80 (#192340)
  • T90 (#1021601)
  • T60 (#24070160)

Specific and strange mounts

Autofocus, EF mounts and digital cameras

Specific bodies and limited editions














Site map


Principle of Through The Lens measurement.
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Speed Finder FN (for New F-1)
encased in it's packing support.

The full accessories collection for Canon F-1 (old) and F-1(n).
Not for F-1 (new)
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The FD Mount (AE-1 body side).
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The FD Mount (Lens side).
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FD Mount old style
From 1970 up to 1981 (?)
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FD Mount new style : FD(n)
From 1982 up to 1990 (?)
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Canon FL / FD related sites:

Canon Camera Museum : The official site of Canon Camera Museum from where I got 99 % of the material I've put on this site. Note that I've been unable to find any address on this site where to ask for a copyright agreement.
Photography in Malaysia : initially dédicated to the 'A' et 'T' series, had included a complete add-on about the three F-1 (F-1 old; F-1(n) and F-1 new) later. If you don't find what you need on this site, you will not find it elsewhere.
On the same site, you will find documentation about the EOS series.
A site to download instructions manuals in PDF format.
Camera Page : Canon FD Feature Overview
Pacific Rim Camera : A reseller page with many pieces of information.
Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest : A site for cameras collectors.

  Clic-Clac : The great French site of Jacques Charrat, Cameras Collector.
The Canon US Navy Site : dedicated to the F-1 N for the US Navy.
A must have visit : The McKeown's web site. The site price guide to antique & classic cameras (over 25,000 cameras referenced).
The website Canon-Photo : a non official French web site dedicated to the Canon Cameras.
Ollinger's Camera Collection
Sylvain Halgad for the Collection Appareils French site

Acknowledgements :
Eternal gratitude to Canon Inc. for the material provided (text) form the Canon Camera Museum.
Thanks a lot to leofoo and MIR development team for their great Canon site.
A "grand merci" à Christian Rollinger for the fantastic pdf documentation files he stored on his now dead site. This site is still visible at : The Canon FD Documentation Project - Main Menu (archive.org)

Creation date : June 2003.
Last update : May-26-2024 23:58:39 CEST

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