My collection of Canon SLR / TTL Cameras (R ~ FL ~ FD mounts)
1959 - 1990

Définitions :

SLR : Single Lens Reflex (by oppostion to TLR bodies standing for Twin Lens Reflex such as RolleiFlex and Semflex).

TTL : Through The Lens measurement.

SC : Spectra Coating.

SSC : Super Spectra Coating.

EOS : Electro-Optical System.

Canon Date Codes (courtesy of Bob Atkins).

Principle of the Single Lens Reflex.
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Eye Level Finder FN and PE focusing screen
(for New F-1) .
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My collection : I've 82 camera bodies at the moment. 62 are Canon cameras and 20 are not.

  • : the ones, I have (I've mentioned the serial number),
  • : the ones, I am waiting for,
  • : the ones, I dream to have.

Before the R ~ FL ~ FD mounts
Fixed lens, or threaded or bayonet mount
None SLR

1959 - 1963 bodies
The R mount

1964 - 1969 bodies
The FL mount succeed the R mount.

  • FX : chrome body (#327126)
  • FP : chrome body (#117062)
  • PELLIX : chrome body (#134048)
  • FT QL : both chrome (#671577) and black (#829171)
  • PELLIX QL : both chrome (#147354) and black (#111852)
  • TL QL (#109642)

1970 - 1975 bodies
The FD mount and the great F-1.

1976 - 1984 bodies
Autoexposure and the reigns of the AE-1 & A-1 series.

1984 - 1990 bodies
The "T" serie

  • T50 (#2451932)
  • T70 (#1465624 and #1638761)
  • T80 (#192340)
  • T90 (#1021601)
  • T60 (#24070160)

Specific and strange mounts

Autofocus, EF mounts and digital cameras

Specific bodies and limited editions


  • Nikon F (#6826815)
  • Nikkormat FT-N (#3571844)
  • Nikon F2 (#7528733)
  • Nikon FG (#8358091)
  • Nikon EM (#6285048)
  • Nikon F401s (#2811962)


  • Varex IIa (#967944)


  • Zenith-E (#76193118)


  • Type 24 (#347956)
  • Type 3 (#377594)


  • Brownie (None)
  • Kawk-Eye Model B (None)


  • Isola I (None)
  • Synchro Box (None)


  • PF2B Modèle 4 (#308091)
  • Foca Sport II (#55.705 G)


  • Leica III Model A (#110593)


  • Pentax MV (#3008271)


  • Vito B (None)
  • Vito C (None)


  • Minox B (#629026)

Site map


Principle of Through The Lens measurement.
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Speed Finder FN (for New F-1)
encased in it's packing support.

The full accessories collection for Canon F-1 (old) and F-1(n).
Not for F-1 (new)
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The FD Mount (AE-1 body side).
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The FD Mount (Lens side).
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FD Mount old style
From 1970 up to 1981 (?)
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FD Mount new style : FD(n)
From 1982 up to 1990 (?)
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Canon FL / FD related sites:
Canon Camera Museum : The official site of Canon Camera Museum from where I got 99 % of the material I've put on this site. Note that I've been unable to find any address on this site where to ask for a copyright agreement.
Photography in Malaysia : initially dédicated to the 'A' et 'T' series, had included a complete add-on about the three F-1 (F-1 old; F-1(n) and F-1 new) later. If you don't find what you need on this site, you will not find it elsewhere.
On the same site, you will find documentation about the EOS series.
A site to download instructions manuals in PDF format.
  Camera Page : Canon FD Feature Overview
Pacific Rim Camera : A reseller page with many pieces of information.
Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest : A site for cameras collectors.
Glossary of terms : The great site of Pacific Rim Cameras.
Clic-Clac : The great French site of Jacques Charrat, Cameras Collector.
The Canon US Navy Site : dedicated to the F-1 N for the US Navy.
The Canon FD fan club :
A must have visit : The McKeown's web site. The site price guide to antique & classic cameras (over 25,000 cameras referenced).
The website Canon-Photo : a non official French web site dedicated to the Canon Cameras.
Ollinger's Camera Collection

Acknowledgements :
Eternal gratitude to Canon Inc. for the material provided (pictures and text) form the Canon Camera Museum.
Thanks a lot to leofoo and MIR development team for their great Canon site.
A "grand merci" à Christian Rollinger for the fantastic pdf documentation files he stored on his now dead site.

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